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Sick Child Care Center
"Machikado-hokensitsu Minato"

Our unique administration network has allowed us to utilize existing resources in creating a valuable new sick child care center "Machikado-hokensitsu Minato" in Minato Ward.

Work/Life Balance Consulting

We provide work/life balance consulting services for small and medium size businesses and seminars for individuals to promote work/life balance. We define work/life balance as " the synergy that results from workers maximizing productivity when they create a balance between their work life and their activity outside the workplace"The most important point for achieving work/life balance is not only that companies support welfare or child-care, but the creation of a "win-win" situation for both management and labor. Our consulting service also provides day-care consulting services and appraisals, needs analysis and training, and other services such as publicity.

Social Promotion Service

We understand that changing perceptions happens person by person. We aim to not only address the issue of caring for 'sick children' in Japan but also to change the perception of working families to a positive one, because our vision is building a society where working while raising children is considered natural.

Market Creation

We aim to spread our successful model for supporting working families across Japan, with the goal of moving to a society where working while raising a family is common and accepted. By being involved in consultation and support services for organizations providing 'sick child' care services, Florence is excited to be at the center of a movement to take advantage of the local community in supporting working families.